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Our design work goes far beyond the phase of designing spaces.

What shall we create? = IDEA PLANNING, CONCEPT MAKING

How do we create it? = DESIGN, PLANNING

How will it be used? = OPERATION, MANAGEMENT

We provide designs where the processes from these three phases are all consistently connected.


What shall we create?

We start our design from the process of involving users and thinking together to come up with ideas on what we will generate and what solutions might be possible for what our client is seeking, even if the resulting solution might at times appear to run counter to the client’s initial order.

How do we create it?


We provide a specific design to the client for the solution to “What shall we create?” that we produced with the client. The design at this phase may take the form of proposals for the shapes of architecture/interiors, space/materials, or objects d’art, and may at times take the form of temporary events or places.

How will it be used?


How the space that is created, and the objects d’art and the projects will later relate to society, be utilized, and be used and loved can be said to be just as important as the process that creates the design. We will also consider these operational aspects consistently with our client to offer support for the project.




We will clarify the concept and design indices so that a consistent design experience can be provided throughout the project as a whole. The solutions in these concept-making processes do not come from extraneous influences such as marketing or the social situation, but are inherent in the ideas and consciousness of the client. Therefore, at NINÉ, we elicit these concepts together with the client through a series of individual processes for each project such as workshops involving clients and users.


Based on a consistent concept, we will propose and put forward plans and concepts on what kind of space and experience should be provided. These may be subject to review at the actual operational stage, but by basing the project on these proposals, we can improve consistency in the spatial design, making the users’ spatial experience more unique and persuasive. We will also propose, plan, and operate events and workshops to implement these plans at the operational phase.


Learning about and sharing the creative process, innovation, and new knowledge is made more effective by using the workshop method, permeating through organizations and individuals, and leading to effective use in the field. At these workshops, what is important is that we do not simply communicate information in one direction, but create an environment where everyone can demonstrate their creativity and initiative (=facilitation). In workshops and facilitations, we will use our wide range of expertise to date to design processes for problem-solving and innovation to provide a fertile ground for the birth of such innovation.


As an interior/architecture design studio, we will provide a space that is dedicated to design. For design services in countries other than Japan, NINÉ we will basically provide the design, after which we will ask the client to employ local architects and other professionals to put together a team that can implement the designs smoothly. By taking this team approach, we will cooperate will local professionals to ensure that functionality, performance, and regulatory compliance are ensured in detail. We do not believe that there are any distinctions in design depending on use, and we handle a wide variety of areas including those set out below.




・Public facilities

・Educational facilities

・Theme parks

・Housing complexes

・Exterior spaces

・Building entrances and facades

・Commercial establishments/Offices

・Designing spaces for museums/galleries

*We also provide design supervision for civil engineering structures such as bridges and landscape design.


The harmony of the decoration such as the furniture, objects d'art, greenery, lighting, and art play a significant role in the design that we feel through our eyes, ears, and skin in an actual spatial environment. By thoroughly enforcing design at the decorating stage, which is the closest to the user, we provide a more effective, original, and persuasive spatial experience. Depending on the project, we also propose, make arrangements for, and install one-of-a-kind interior art and greenery. For decorating services in countries other than Japan, planning will be carried out by NINÉ, after which we will ask the client to employ local specialists or professionals to put together a team that can implement the plans smoothly.

・Decoration following the interior design work described above

・Decoration for events and workshops

*We can also provide proposals limited to decoration.

We have set out above a list of possible general services.

We will communicate closely with our clients on numerous occasions for specific projects according to the nature of the project, the client’s requests, and the circumstances unique to the country where the project is located. We will then customize the content of our service as well as the project system and process in detail.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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