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In the northern part of Portugal, there is a small town (Parish - Portuguese: Freguesia) called Nine (Portuguese pronunciation: nee-neh), and it is said that the name has its roots in the English word “nine” (9). While the name has its origins in English, it sounds and carries the nuances of Portuguese. We were drawn to how the common spelling shows its original meaning, while the sound seems to reveal a completely different aspect. In addition, reading the word phonetically, according to Roman letters, makes more sense to the Japanese. Therefore, we have superimposed our design policy on the appeal of this town’s name, and added our own twist in the form of an accent on the “e” to name our studio “STUDIO NINÉ”.



These are the NINE (9) major elements that revolve around design.


We are an interior architecture design studio that harmonizes these elements with our unique sense of balance,

and adopts a seamless process that ensures each design phase remains part of a whole

to provide users with persuasive designs and spatial experiences

with a consistent, unified concept.


None of these processes or designs ever adopt the same solution

from project to project.

STUDIO NINÉ’s design policy is to provide an original solution for each project

that always brings something fresh and new.


Although the roots of STUDIO NINÉ’s designs and its base are in Japan

We aspire to be a unique entity that reaches beyond Japan,
extending overseas to add a single drop of the essence of a foreign culture

at each location.

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