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15 Ideas for Tsurukawa Station as a Hub in the Sharing Economy

This competition sought a wide range of ideas for a “new Tsurukawa station” in 2018 under the theme “Everyone’s hopes and dreams will create a new Tsurukawa station.”

It became a groundbreaking ideas competition, as it involved not only the design of the station building, but a design of the community created by the station together with the station building, including ways to use the station and concepts on communities stemming from the station.

In this Station Utilization Ideas Division, the challenge was coming up with “events that you’d like to hold, or have held at Tsurukawa station and its surrounding areas (the station plaza, or open spaces in commercial facilities)” and “ideas that would make you feel happier about Tsurukawa station”.


Why Tsurukawa station will become fun in 2030

While it is predicted that the population of Tokyo’s suburban cities will decline toward 2030, and cities will shrink, there will be more diversity in lifestyles including working environments due to the popularization of new technologies such as self-driving cars and lower barriers to participating in society for a wide range of ages.

Tsurukawa station is conveniently near to central Tokyo, but has been long been loved by literary greats, and is a culturally refined location with a rich natural environment. What Tsurukawa station needs going forward is to support the diversity of the “people living near Tsurukawa station,” and create places where they feel they belong as individuals within the town and the station -- for those who will still be attracted to Tsurukawa station in 2030 when lifestyles become diversified, and belong to multiple communities that are appropriately close and not bound by local relations. For this, we believe that giving the station, the symbol of the town, part of the functions of “the ideal lifestyle that they wish they had at home,” and adding the value of real-world encounters between people, can be one solution.

TEXT by Masako Maeshiro

15 Ideas for Tsurukawa Station as a Hub in the Sharing Economy


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